Do you think the twins have been talking to ABC?

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The other week the twins were playing pretend.  They were discussing their pretend characters and how they were born, lived and then died.  They both then agreed that if they truly believed in the “spirits” of the dead characters they would come back to life.  There was some further discussion that if we believed in Jake, Sawyer,  Mom Mom and Grandpoppy’s “spirits” then they too could come back to life.  I tried to explain that life/death does not work that way (no matter how much I really want it to be different).  They disagreed and I decided rationalizing with 6 year olds might not get me very far on this topic.

A few days ago, I saw a preview for the new show Resurrection on ABC.  The lead in is “Imagine the impossible.”  In case you have not seen the preview, the cliff notes version is that deceased people are somehow returned to their families.  A boy, who died at the age of 8, is returned to his parents 30 years later.

The twins and ABC have come up with a show that does imagine the impossible.  Every person who has lost a loved one has at some point hoped beyond hope that person would be magically be returned to them.  So, now the big question is to watch or not to watch?

2 of ABC's future writers?

2 of ABC’s future writers?

So glad to see you September

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quote - breathe

August is over and Evan came up with a brilliant plan to get through the last few days of it.  The last week of August includes Jake’s deathiversary, my birthday and my grandfather’s (there are a few family wedding anniversaries in there too).

Evan planned a trip and we went away.  My parents were able to join us.  We usually do go away Labor Day weekend to see my grandfather for his birthday.  Our whole family for many Labor Day weekends has come together to celebrate his birthday.  I know that I am so lucky to have spent so many birthdays with my amazing grandfather.  However, this year there was no trip to see him to look forward to, so I had to find other ways to distract myself.

Evan’s plan worked like a charm and these 2 helped as well. . .

September 2013

The Ocean

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I met a bereaved father the other day. There is an immediate level of familiarity when you meet another member of the club. Bereaved parents all have different stories but we have all walked in the darkest valley of death. We have all cruelly defied the circle of life and outlived our children.

It has been 7 years since his 29-year-old son died. The father went on to tell me an analogy of grieving for your child. I am not sure I can explain it as eloquently as he did but I will try.

Grief is like an ocean. At times it is calm but there are always ripples. Other times the water is rough. The ocean is unpredictable. Out of no where and with little or no warning a tsunami will drown you. Over time the waters will calm down again but they will never be still.

On a completely different but still ocean related note, click this link to hear the twins tell their versions of their great grandfather’s ocean joke.

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