No Bones About It

October 24, 2011 at 10:22 pm | Posted in Grief | 7 Comments
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I like Halloween decorations just as much as most people. Although, in college I did ask my freshman year roommate to raise the bats she had hung from our dorm room ceiling. I did this not because I am anti Halloween but because I am about 6 inches taller than her and I hit my head on them every time I crossed the room. I did feel pretty bad when she got upset that I had asked to raise up the bats and took down all the decorations – but that is a different story.

I really only like happy Halloween decorations. Pumpkins are great. Ghosts I am good with. I can even deal with the headstones in the lawn. I am just not so good with bones.

I cannot quite put into words why it bothers me. I know it has to do with Jake and Sawyer. It is all good for other houses but I have made a no bones rule in my house. So far no one has challenged the rule.


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  1. The last two years I have taken my Kiddo to a local Halloween store for her costume. The store has these really creepy zombie babies set up on automatic swings that freak me out pretty badly. I know exactly why they bother me. Last week when I was making the annual costume run my daughter looked at me and said, “Mommy, are those babies dead?” Needless to say, I think we will be shopping elsewhere next year since I can’t count on them not being there. Happy pumpkin decorations all the way at my house too!

  2. I was at a party store a couple of weeks ago getting helium balloons for my sons first birthday in heaven. The place was just brimming with Halloween decorations, animatronics, things screaming and eyes rolling etc…you get the picture right?

    Well I walked over to the discount bin, as I am not one to turn down a good deal and lo and behold? A black, baby sized coffin…on clearance for $10…it was just so unexpected…you know?

    So I get where your coming from with the no bones rule…there’s a no baby sized coffin rule at our house now…

  3. I’m with you…I’ll take a sweet little goblin any day, but keep the creepy stuff away please!

  4. I agree, I used to be fine with it, now Im not so much and struggle with the ‘celebration’ of hell and heaven….halloween a bit too spooky and real for us…

  5. Happy Halloween to your clan! Luckily, you don’t need bones to celebrate and I feel certain that Alyssa and Fletcher will not feel deprived. Just watch out that the two of them don’t get sick from eating too much candy as one of our kids did many years ago when I didn’t pay enough attention. May the weather be good for your two to go out trick- or treating!
    Love to all of you. Cornelia

  6. I so dislike the creepy stuff! It is hard to shield my eyes (and the girls) away from it all. It is overwhelming at times.

  7. […] 31st is not only Halloween but it also starts the celebration of the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).  […]

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