August Again

August 4, 2012 at 10:54 pm | Posted in Anniversaries, Death, Grief, why I write | 10 Comments
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No matter how far the distance you have traveled nor the failures that have gathered, hope would still meet you anywhere.  – Dodinsky

August comes every year.  Right after July.  I have lived through these anniversaries of deaths and births before.  There are happy days this month too. 

Unlike the first year after Jake died not all the days are dark.   I will try my best to take care of the twins, keep busy and smile.  I will not always succeed. 

I have learned that part of my journey since Jake and Sawyer died is that grief at times sneaks up and knocks the wind right out of me.  Grief does not take me by surprise in August.  I know that it is there and I will brace myself for it.


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  1. I’ve been thinking about you lately and praying for your continued strength. May peace find you and your family this month and always. Much love,

    • Thank you so much Beth. I have been thinking about you and Hunter as well. Sending you hugs. xo

  2. love you.

  3. 7 years..It’s so hard to believe. xoxo

  4. You will do as you write because of the beautiful, struggling and responsible person you are! Your kids will learn to appreciate what you are offering them and you will learn from them. Good luck and much happiness to the four of you. Cornelia

    • Thank you Cornelia! Sending much love and happiness right back to you. xo

  5. Thinking of you always Lanie.

  6. We’re always thinking of you…and especially in the month of August…remember all those who love you around you.

  7. […] did my best to focus on the positive.  The first few days of August were so busy with birthday fun and getting ready to go back to school that I almost forgot to brace […]

  8. […] August, as I have written about in the past, is filled with happy as well as hard days.  This year August started out with our dog, Buddy, dying.  I wrote about how I was in denial about his death and wondered how long I could stay there. […]

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