Traveling with the Twins

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Most of this month we have been away.  The first few weeks were work trips mixed with family and friends.  The last part of the month we were away for fun.  I used to travel all the time.  It is hard to travel with small children but if I am honest with myself there is another reason I like to stick close to home.

I do not like to be away from the cemetery.  I know that Jake and Sawyer are not really there but I still feel a need to go there.  If nothing else to make sure that all is ok.  I no longer go to the cemetery every day but I do not like the idea that I am not able to visit.   I felt better about being away for so long because I knew that others would be there to check on them.

The trips were all good.  There were some meltdowns and a taxi ride where not one but BOTH of the twins got sick.  The taxi driver pulled over each time and we paid for him to get his car cleaned. . . However, we had fun.  It was good to see family and friends.

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I have written here and here that I do not know where exactly Jake and Sawyer are, except that they are in our hearts.  No matter where we travel they come with us.  There were times that the twins collected stones to bring to Jake and Sawyer.  And, there were little signs that I like to believe Jake and Sawyer sent to us.

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  1. The photos are wonderful and hopefully you have lots of fun memories…a month of adventure and excitement to set you on a new road going forward. 🙂

  2. OMG to the cab ride where both twins got sick! You are travel troopers. xo

  3. What a great family adventure. The kiddos look beautiful and what great memories you create…everywhere you go (except maybe the taxi ride…memorable yes…). I love the tradition of collecting stones. I love the signs. I believe both are so important.

  4. I love your hair, and of course the pics of the twins are adorable. Love the missing teeth! Looking forward to catching up soon.

  5. I love the pictures. You are an amazing mom!

  6. We’re glad that the trip went off well! Traveling with little ones abroad can be a big challenge, but you were clearly up to it! Next time you say “Bon voyage,” your kids will be travel pros!

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