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Dear Jake,
Today you would/should have been 8.  You are not.  I am still so very thankful that I got to meet you.  I just wish we could have kept you for longer.  Below are the words that your dad wrote to you 8 years ago.  They are just as true today.

We love you Jake.

You are our sunshine.

You are such a courageous and strong fighter, and we are so proud of you.

Jake, you are a miracle, and we thank you for choosing us to be your parents.

You are so wise for someone so young and so small.  You knew when you had to come into this world Jake, and you knew when you had to leave us to be in a better place.

You are and were the perfect son for us.

Jake, please know that we felt all the love you gave to us during your time here.

We are sad that we could only spend such a short time with you, but we are so glad and thankful for every minute of it.

It is amazing how we could come to love you so immediately and so completely even though we were just getting to know each other.

Then again, we feel like we have known you all of our lives, and you will be in our hearts forever and beyond.

Jake, we also know that you are at peace and that you are being watched over by all of our loved ones who also watch over all of us from above.

Thank you, Jake.

Thank you for coming to us.

Thank you for choosing us.

Thank you for loving us and letting us love you with all of our hearts.

We’ll see you every night playing up with the moon and the stars.

I miss you every. single. day.  Some days are harder than others.  I love you.


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  1. hugs xx

  2. thinking of your family today. xoxo

  3. I will never forget the day Jake was born and that he was such a special little fighter. God be with all of you today. You will be in my prayers.

  4. You six are in our thoughts and prayers every day, but especially today.

  5. Happy birthday Jake!

  6. Thinking of you and especially of Jake and all he brought to your lives.

  7. Thinking of you so much today and sending you all my love.

  8. Love, hugs and good thoughts to you all today–and thinking of Jake….

  9. Thinking of you today. I hope your heart heals a bit more each day and that your faith in God grows. All my love. Kathie

  10. Such beautiful, perfectly chosen words, from both of you. Hugs and prayers.

  11. Beautiful words. Jake has touched so many people. Thinking of you all.

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  13. […] and off throughout the month I was haunted by a dream where I could not find Jake.  I would try to go back to sleep in hopes that I could go back to the dream and find him.  One […]

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