Four Years

December 26, 2013 at 10:48 pm | Posted in Grief, Sawyer | 11 Comments
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Four years ago today is the date on Sawyer’s death certificate.   Evan and I last held him on December 25th.   My mind knows that time has passed.  Sawyer is dead today and he will be gone tomorrow too.  However, my broken heart wishes I could go back to when I took this picture and change the ending of Sawyer’s story.   I have no words tonight for how much I miss that little guy.

The last picture taken of Sawyer - 12/25/09

The last picture taken of Sawyer – 12/25/09


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  1. The most precious picture; he was an angel on Earth and now in Heaven. Sending you all my love and prayers.


  2. My heart aches.

  3. My heart breaks for you over and over again.

  4. So sweet and sad. I wish I could turn the clock back for you. xx

  5. A beautiful boy. Thinking of you all.

  6. May peace be with you and Evan all days, but especially today.

  7. Wishing you peace, now and always.

  8. What a precious picture – sending you my love ❤

  9. Just came across your blog in my searching today. What a precious story you’ve shared, thank you. A friend asked me to write a song about the child they lost because the anniversary of the baby’s passing is coming up. I’d like to share the song with you – I hope it’s something you’d appreciate as well.

  10. […] Holidays are here and the anniversary of Sawyer’s death is this week no matter how much I will it not to happen.  I cannot change the fact that he is dead.  I want to share a few videos that are helping me get through the days (sometimes even with a smile). […]

  11. […] it you have now been gone for 5 years.  According to the secular/American calendar Friday was your deathiversary.  The Jewish calendar says that tonight is your […]

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