Frustration & Phillies Fans

October 10, 2011 at 10:44 pm | Posted in Grief | 7 Comments
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We ordered Sawyer’s headstone in August. Somehow it is October and it is not quite finalized. Perhaps this will mean that it will be correct the first time it arrives. Jake’s headstone took 3 tries.

The first headstone had the wrong dates. The second headstone had the right dates but said “Jack” instead of Jake. The third time was the charm and the correct headstone arrived.

We could not control what happened to Jake or Sawyer but you would think we could control the headstone. Here is to hoping that Sawyer’s first headstone arrives correctly. I guess everyone has frustrations in their lives. What are the things in your lives that you wish you could control?

As long as I am writing about things in life out of our control, to any Phillies fans out there I just wanted to say sorry about the playoffs.  Here is one of the frustrated Phillies fans in my house.


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  1. My husband was cremated, not buried. Yesterday on a beautiful fall day with summer like temperatures I went to the serenity garden at our church and saw his memorial stone for the first time. It was correct but in so many ways wrong.



  2. Awww, buddy looks so sad that his team lost. (I don’t even know who’s playing…)

  3. I am an equal opportunity sports fan 🙂

  4. Hopefully you will NOT have to go through the same problems this time around!

    And perhaps the Phils should be adopting a NEW mascot? Watch out Phinatic!

  5. You ask a powerful question…. I think it is so hard sometimes to let go knowing that I control very little. I fight my urges to attempt to control everything around me all the time.

  6. Buddy!!!!

  7. […] we will have to reorder them both.  If anyone is keeping count that will be the 4th nameplate for Jake and the 3rd for […]

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