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The March of Dimes along with other parent groups and organizations in countries around the world dedicate tomorrow to raise awareness about premature birth and how it can be prevented.  It is World Prematurity day.  Hopefully, awareness and support will lead to more healthy babies.  No family should have to live in a world without their child/children.

Tomorrow is also the would be/should be/never will be 4th birthday of our sweet Sawyer.  While he was not premature, there are still no words to describe how much my arms ache to hold this little boy. . .

sweet Sawyer


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  1. I will light a candle for your sweet boy as well as my own tomorrow.

  2. Beautiful picture Lanie. xoxo

  3. Thinking of you today my friend. Beautiful picture of a beautiful boy.

  4. Thinking of you and your beautiful family this time of year and always.

  5. We always think of you all at this difficult time of year–and look forward to seeing you so we can give you a hug in person!

  6. Sending light and love.

  7. […] Today is World Prematurity Day so I am wearing purple in memory and in honor of your oldest brother Jake and all the other babies […]

  8. […] am wearing purple for World Prematurity Day.  You were full term but all of your siblings were premature so I think you would be okay sharing […]

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