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Dear Sawyer,
It is me, your mom.  It is almost your birthday.  And again, there will be no party.  You are still gone.   We have made it through 3 other birthdays without you.  I know that we will make it through this one too.  Thanks to your older brother, Jake, I know that we can make it through a 4th birthday without the birthday boy.  In fact, I can make it through every day with out you both.  I just do not want to. . .

I miss you.  I love you forever.

Little Tough Guy


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  1. Dahlin’ you are so so very strong. Thinking of you during this time.
    Love, Amy

  2. Heartfelt and strong.

  3. I can’t believe it’s been almost another year…thinking of you all–and knowing that you’ll remain strong.

  4. May there be the biggest birthday party in heaven!!!

  5. So sweet

  6. It’s awful how the birthday looms and there’s no avoiding it. Sending love to your family.

  7. I’m sorry that you have had to learn how very strong you are. Sending love and strength your way.

  8. Your friends and readers/followers of this Blog already know, but I can surely confirm how incredibly strong you are — and thank God (and you) for that. Sawyer and Jake are so missed and so loved. And, I happen to think Sawyer looks pretty tough and strong too, especially in that photo. What a cute little guy. Miss him so much. Love you so much — you are the world’s strongest wife and mother as far as I am concerned. (And just because I am biased doesn’t mean its not also true.)

  9. Big hugs to you. I’m so sorry.

  10. Sending you strength hon. The birthdays are always the hardest. Sending you extra hugs and prayers this week.

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