Peace Bears, Picking Berries & Pink & Black Glasses

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Pink & Black Glasses:



Picking Berries:

Peace Bear Project:

Peace Bear Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for families grieving a stillbirth or early infant death.  This non-profit was created by the parents of Peace A. Young who was stillborn on July 20, 2005. In her memory, they deliver teddy bears to other families leaving hospitals with empty arms.

Thank you Cheryl for writing to me about Peace Bears. Also, thanks so much to Hillary for letting me know about Wish for Wendy and to others who have let me know about organizations I will write about soon.

Thank you!

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2 words today:


Perspective (part 2)

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I did not know that my Aunt Sophie and Uncle George had 2 children predecease them until my aunt’s funeral in the summer of 2009.  The rabbi spoke about Mitchell and a little girl.  I had never heard about the baby girl.  I asked my grandfather.  He told me that the baby was born and only lived for a few days.  My grandfather was almost 97 at the time and could not remember any more details.  No one alive knew why the baby girl had died or if she had a name.

I thought back to my visit with Aunt Sophie right after Jake had died.  It was 6 months after he had died and I felt like I was at rock bottom.  I had asked her how she survived the death of her child.  She was in her 90’s and responded to my question that she could not remember – it was all so long ago.  I was asking about the death of Mitchell but I think she was actually referring to her baby girl.

Sawyer was born that fall and we named him after my Aunt Sophie.  Sawyer died 6 weeks later and I cursed myself for ever thinking I had been at rock bottom.  When I started to write this blog it was partly because I always want to remember.  And, if there comes a day when I cannot remember I will have written it down so others can.

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