Atlanta Walk to Remember 2016

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Atlanta Walk to Remember 2015

Losing a child is one of the most devastating and lonely events which can happen to a human being.   I wish that none of us lived in a world without our child/children.  However, the reality is that parents from every religion, class and country have outlived their children.

Every year since Jake (and then Sawyer) died we have walked in the Atlanta Walk to Remember.   It is an event to connect parents and families together to express grief and remember our babies, and to raise awareness.  It is not a fundraiser.

It is just a time to remember our lost children together.

The 12th Annual Atlanta Walk to Remember is the first Sunday of October.  For more information about the walk in Atlanta click here.  For information about walks and events in other locations click here.


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  1. This sounds like a very important and very loving event. I’d never heard of it until now (or if I had, I’d assumed it was a fundraiser of some sort). Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. Supporting you awesome walkers from afar…although wishing we were walking together!

  3. Dear Lanie and Family – Sharing lessens pain and increases joy. May you have many joys to share! And may the New Year be a blessed one for all of you! Love, Cornelia

  4. […] County honors children lost.   Click on the picture above to see the local news coverage of the Atlanta Walk to Remember.  Jakemay replay this clip forever so that I can hear Jake’s name. […]

  5. […] year and last year I made the candles we lit.  I made candles that were given out at the Atlanta Walk to Remember.  There is not much I can do to lessen the pain that a bereaved parent carries throughout their […]

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