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February 10, 2014 at 10:14 pm | Posted in Death, Grief, life after loss, Love | 12 Comments
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The week before Sawyer was born Evan and I realized that we would have 2 1/2-year-old twins at home during the winter with a newborn.  We had not planned to send them to preschool until they were 3.

The twins plus winter plus a newborn at home.  All of a sudden 2 1/2 seemed like the perfect preschool age.  I called around and there were not many preschools with 2 open spots.  We were super lucky and found a school for the twins.  The school started the first week of January – Sawyer had died the week before and I did not want to let the twins out of my sight (but that is a different story. . . ).

I did give my name and information to a few other schools.  I get emails from them now and then.  I have successfully unsubscribed from most but there is one that I cannot get off the list.  I usually just delete the emails without opening/reading them but for some reason I read this one.  This week my 4-year-old and I were invited to Mommy & Me at 10 am on Wednesday.

There is no unsubscribe button!!  What is the etiquette here?   Writing an email that my 4-year-old and I will not be there because he is dead does not seem appropriate.  Luckily, I got the email today that the Mommy & Me will most likely be cancelled “due to inclement weather”.

Is Atlanta unprepared?!  Nope.  Not this time.  It was 50 degrees and clear today but the Atlanta forecast is for snow.  So, school for the twins is cancelled tomorrow.  And, Wednesday.  The twins and I will be home with plenty of time for me delete those preschool emails.


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  1. Oh that is just the worst, how can it take people to get it that long to get their facts straight. I’m so sorry for the painful reminders.

  2. Ugh. I’m sorry. Just reply to the email and all you have to write is “unsubscribe.” If that doesn’t work, forward the email to me and I will take care of it.

    • I did it! I wrote “please unsubscribe me”. Thanks so much for always looking out for me. xo

  3. That is just awful. I’m so sorry that happened. On a side note, I hope ATL does a better job managing the snow this time. I’m in CLT and things are already shutting down. Stay safe and warm!

    • I hope Atlanta does a better job this time too. We have already received a robo call from the mayor asking us to all stay home. I hope that you are staying safe and warm too.

  4. Send the emails my way and I’ll give them a call!

    • I wrote them an email. I have no doubt that you would call them (or go knock on their door) – I have seen you in action. Thanks so much for always looking out for me. xo

  5. I just spent the last 10 min googling and there are an awful lot of preschools in Atlanta. If you give me a hint at the name, I will gladly take care of this for you!

    • Thank you Susan! Yes there are tons of preschools in Atlanta. No worries, I wrote to them today. xo

  6. I am so sorry. That must feel like a slap to the face when you get those emails. I’ve never met you but am touched by seeing your girlfriends offer to help you. Wishing your family peace and love.

  7. I’m in DC and we already have plenty of snow here, I’m hoping y’all are okay down in Atlanta, including the dogs!

  8. I can relate…I have been wondering why I have been getting mail regarding SAT prep classes only to realize they are meant for my son, who died in 1999. This is to go along with High School enrollment forms for my Cece..

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