Sawyer’s Story

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1.  Thank you for the birthday wishes for Sawyer and for thinking of us.   It means more than I can express in words.  

2.  I am not sure I will be able to write all of Sawyer’s story but I will try.    I had hoped to write in chronological order but as I already mentioned in this post – that plan has changed.  

I had high risk pregnancies with Jake and the twins.   Once you are high risk you seem to stay that way.   So, like the first two pregnancies we went to OB and perinatologist appointments.    However, unlike the first two pregnancies, this time the doctors all said the same thing.   “Everything looks perfect.”   The appointments were shorter because the baby was always doing great and within normal ranges.   We had many ultrasounds all of which showed our perfect baby.

The c-section date was set at 37 1/2 weeks.    It was a bit early to reduce the risk of going into labor.   As I mentioned in this post, I had a slight vertical incision and a horizontal incision during Jake’s c-section.   Once you have a vertical incision doctors don’t like you to go into labor (because of the possibility of your uterus rupturing).

I did go into early labor at the end of October.   We went to the emergency room.   I was given shots of Turbutiline to slow the contractions down.   We spent the night at the hospital.  In the morning I was released and given Turbutiline pills to keep the contractions under control.  Everyone assured us that this was very common.  It seemed to work.  I just felt like I had 18 cups of coffee while I took those pills.   It is not a feeling I was very fond of but I desperately did not want a premature birth (or a visit to the NICU).

November 16 arrived and I was still pregnant!   We went that morning for a scheduled amniocentesis to doublecheck  that the baby’s lungs were fully developed.   Later that afternoon the results came back that the baby’s lungs looked great.

My parents were taking care of the twins while we were in the hospital.   I had never been away from them for that long.   At the suggestion of our therapist ( who we had been seeing since Jake) I wrote them each notes for every night I would be gone.    Evan also taped me reading stories to play them at bed time.   I was packed and cleaned the house.   It was all so very different  from the chaos of the two previous emergency c-sections.   All was going along perfectly as we hoped and planned.


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  1. Lanie,

    The details are interesting-so much we didn’t know about that you were dealing with. I’m looking forward to reading more.

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    Sawyer’s Story | A Mourning Mom

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