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Awhile back I mentioned that Jake and Sawyer’s nameplates, which are part of the headstones, have shifted.  The bolts had become loose and then inexplicably disappeared but they were repaired.  However, the cemetery grounds people explained that because these are not the original bolts they might not hold.   I have been watching them shift again over the last few weeks.  I really still cannot understand how it is possible so I brought Evan to confirm.

He took one look and verified that yes, the nameplates (mostly Jake’s) have shifted again.  He did offer up the explanation that perhaps Jake and Sawyer are just like any other children giving their parents something to worry about.  I sort of like this idea.  It goes along with the theory that my very sweet cousin pointed out Jake and Sawyer are just being boys playing together and being mischievous.  They could just be playing Halloween tricks.

We are going to call the cemetery to have the process started to replace the nameplates.  This is still odd and not okay but we can get it fixed.   I have to keep it in perspective.  Jake and Sawyer are not in danger.  Nothing can harm them anymore.  This we can do something about.

Of course, all of this reminds me there are so many hard and heartbreaking events in life that we cannot control.  Illness, accidents, disasters, bad things happening to good people.  These things all happen, and seem to happen far too often.  They will continue to happen too (though I feel like we have had more than our fair share lately).  But a break would be nice.  And fixing things that we can control helps, at least a little.


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  1. I like the idea that the mischievous little boys are playing tricks on mom and dad!

  2. Ditto what daphne said. Miss you.

  3. Double ditto on Daphne and Kelcey!

  4. […] and Sawyer’s headstone.  I never did make the call to let them know that the headstones were shifting again but when I went to the cemetery the other day this is what I […]

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