Hectic, Hope & Hair

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There always seems to be a lot happening in October.  However, this year seems extra crazy busy.  For example, yesterday the twins had a fun run at school, a baseball game and a kindergarten social.  Busy is good for me.  It keeps me moving forward.  No time (or at least not too much time) to stop and think about the 3rd birthday party we would be planning if Sawyer were still alive.

It turns out that hectic schedules are not so great for the twins.  Getting ready quickly to get to the next event is not either of their strong points.  So yesterday when no one would get dressed for baseball.  After lots of whining and a small melt down or two, I surrendered.  Their team was not going to have to forfeit if the twins were not there.  In fact, they do not even keep score.  Little people do not have to be busy all the time.  Finally, they agreed to get dressed for their school social.  And they had a good time.

Until, they didn’t. . .

Today was supposed to be another busy day.  A school fall festival and a hair cut.  I again did not fight the twins when they refused to get dressed to go to their fall festival.  They played pretend.  I braced myself for the fight I thought I would have with them in order to get them dressed to go out for their hair cuts.

Evan and I were pleasantly surprised when 2 little people got dressed and into the car without a melt down.  The twins were excited for this hair cut.  I had donated my hair last year and unintentionally inspired our daughter to grow her hair.  Here is her hair before:

Here is the hair pull that did not hurt (or put anyone in time out):

And, the after picture:


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  1. You are truly an inspiring woman. I am not surprised that Alyssa did such an amazing thing at 5. You and Evan are wonderful parents!

  2. how amazing that she made such a donation at such a young age – way to go!! and they are seriously the cutest kids – I love that picture of your son with the silly face, for a minute I thought I was looking at the guy from Green Day!!! Such a rock star your little boy 🙂

  3. All these events are life-long learning lessons…for all of you. The twins are becoming independent thinkers at 5; and, although a bit older, you’re discerning the difference between the battles and the wars. Funny, we teach our kids to be independent thinkers, but then when they are, we battle and wonder where we went wrong. You have great kids…who are so fortunate to have great parents.

  4. They looks so cute! She looks just like Summer!!

  5. You are such an amazing mom. What amazing kiddos you have. We all need to know when to take a break. You are an inspiration to me my friend. Awesome kiddos, awesome pictures, awesome donation…way to go Alyssa!

  6. Alyssa looks so cute – pretty inspiring what she did. And what amazing hair genes you guys have!!

  7. Wow! Amazing kids, amazing mama. And Alyssa looks gorgeous and so grown up!

  8. Oh my gosh her hair is adorable. I keep debating on getting McKenna’s cut because it is constantly tangled and she hates when I do anything with it. Love her glasses too. I have to be honest and say that when ever you talk about Sawyer’s third birthday I always feel a little guilty for having a 3 year old Sawyer running around. Sometimes I’m sure it has to be hard for you to visit my blog and I truly appreciate that you do. I hope knowing that I appreciate my little Sawyer and know what a gift it is that he is even here at all makes it a little easier. Love to you as always.

  9. It’s hard to believe it would be 3 years that have passed already, but sure enough they have. The twins are really becoming incredible little ones! Love their gumption, persistence, and goodness! (They take after their parents, for sure!) And I love the haircut! Jadan actually just asked me yesterday if she could donate her hair for locks of love as well–and yes, I think it’s long enough!

  10. Wow I love her haircut! And u know who I think she resembles? Grandpa Harry.

  11. […] of today one of the twins and I have officially donated enough hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths to make one wig for a cancer […]

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