Hope, Hair and Happiness

May 28, 2011 at 11:41 am | Posted in Grief, mother, silver lining | 7 Comments
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After Jake died I did not brush my hair. I did not change my clothes. I did not shower. I am not sure how many days I went on like this but it was quite a few. Finally, some friends strongly encouraged me to make a hair cut appointment. I am pretty sure someone ended up making the appointment for me. And, driving me to the salon. I remember feeling better after the appointment. Thank you to my friends who had the good sense to have a hygiene and hair intervention.

Throughout my life I try to volunteer. The week after Jake died Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. After Sawyer died the earthquake devastated Haiti. I wish I had the emotional and physical energy to donate my time to both of these causes. However, when I  have not had the energy or the time I have donated my hair.  Especially after talking to my mother-in-law about losing her hair I realized how important it is to have the option to wear a wig.

This week I donated my hair for the 3rd time to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths.  Here is my crazy long hair before:

I donated 9 inches of hair:

Here is my hair after:

It takes 6 donations to make one wig.  So I have officially donated 1/2 a wig.


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  1. It is beautiful both ways.

  2. It looks terrific– and together we’ve made one whole wig!

  3. My daughter has given her hair to PBL twice. Apparently they are able to use more donated hair than Locks of Love because they have a larger staff so they can sort through it. I read that Locks of Love has to discard many of their donations because they can’t always handle the volume. I’ve always kept my hair short but I can see how much it means to my daughter to donate hers.

  4. Oh Lanie!!! I remember the first few weeks after Jim died I could barely shower, barely move. My good friend came to my house one day (unannounced) loaded me into her car and took me to my hairdresser. I began to feel a bit more human after that. What is it about a woman’s hair. Your hair is beautiful, so is your sentiment. Congrat’s to you for your selfless act of donation.
    My neighbor has lymphoma and she donated her own hair for her own wig. I think it makes her feel good (and beautiful and strong) to have her own hair on her head.


  5. Bless your little follicles!! I wouldn’t be able to grow that much hair in 20 years. (yes seriously) Bless you for doing it and it looks great!

  6. That’s wonderful!!

  7. […] Lengths to make one wig for a cancer patient.  It takes 6 donations to make a wig (I have donated 4 times and she cut her hair today for her 2nd […]

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