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Sometimes I get so caught up in my own story that I miss the rest of the bigger story of the world out there.  Yesterday was Sawyer’s birthday.  It was also World Prematurity Day.  Thank you to Evan for telling me in the first place and to Jessica for reminding me.

November is also Prematurity Awareness Month.  Did you know that in the U.S., 1 in 8 babies is born prematurely and worldwide 13 million babies are born too soon each year (statistics from the March of Dimes)?  3 of our 4 children were born premature.  So many of my friends’ children spent time in the NICU.  If you would like to please comment with who you know who was/is in the NICU.

Another thing happening in the world yesterday was that EC Stilson released her book “The  Golden Sky.”  She wrote about the life and death of her son Zeke.  His birthday would have been today.  In honor of Zeke and her book EC had a blogfest.  She graciously asked me to participate.  I confess that I tried but could not figure out how to post the button.

Today I still have my story but I am also joining the rest of the bigger world’s story.  Hopefully, one day I too will find that  “after every storm, there is a golden sky” (EC Stilson).

EC Writes


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  1. Wow, those statistics are astounding!

    Thank you so much for your support. You and others have made this week (one that’s normally hard) so wonderful for me.

  2. Thinking of you Lanie!

  3. The 17th was my daughter & son-in-laws 4th wedding anniversary. It was also the day that they were invited by the local March of Dimes to participate in the 1st World Premarurity Day. My daughter was pregnant with twins this last year & gave birth at 28 weeks 5 days. Luke is doing well & amazes us daily. Logan died a short time after birth from complications of TTTS. He was perfect, just too little. We miss him everyday. I appreciate your blog so much, it’s helped me with my feelings of grief & made me a better mother to my daughter during this journey. I will never forget your story, your boys, Sawyers birthday, your family. I hope it helps to know you are thought of daily. I wish you the best.

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