Trick or Treat & Too Tired

November 2, 2011 at 11:50 pm | Posted in Death, Grief, silver lining, twins | 8 Comments
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It was a game day decision for the twins.  They decided over a month before Halloween that they were going to be a rocket and a unicorn.  This decision was prompted by the fact that I could not get them to leave Target without these costumes.  I was too tired that day to fight with them.  I am often tired.  I am sure that most, if not all parents are sleep deprived to some extent.   I know exhaustion is linked to depression.  In my alternate universe where Jake and Sawyer did not die would I be so tired?

I took the easy way out.  I opted to avoid a double meltdown and bought the costumes.

As I expected they changed their minds quite a few times before the big day.

The Viking and the Dress Up with the Umbrella were ruled out because they belong to our good friends who live in Colorado.

The crazy hair was ruled out because I cannot recreate that or anything closely resembling that hair do.

The others each were vetoed for some other reason.  And, we ended up back at the rocket and the unicorn. (Just in case you are wondering, that is pumpkin bowling in the last picture).

The extremely tired Cat in the Hat rallied for Halloween long enough to follow the rocket and the unicorn to a few houses for trick or treating.  Then the rocket offered to go home and help pass out candy.  Overall, it was a successful night.  No major meltdowns and no one turned into a pumpkin.


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  1. You, my tired friend, are blessed. These times pass too quickly. Sit back, enjoy. The memories will keep you warm and the fatigue will pass.


  2. That sounds like a resounding success! And they (and that adorable Cat) look terrific.

  3. Well done Cat in the Hat, Rocket and Unicorn, a truly successful Halloween. I hope as the days pass you find you are less tired. My thoughts are with you. -Love, Amy

  4. Love it! And hello, YES, you have every right to be tired! You have two very active twins! Loved the photo montage “pre-holiday”!

  5. I found your blog after I commented right after you over at Spohrs are Multiplying. I’m so glad I clicked over because this post resonates with me. I lost a daughter as an infant and so often feel that tired feeling and it is more than just physically tired, it is mentally tired. I’m sure it is linked to depression, exhaustion and all kinds of feelings that my busy life never gives me time to work through. Sound hard to keep going some days isn’t it? I will be thinking of you and wishing us both some energy to get through the grief.
    Just in case you click over to my blog I wanted to warn you that one of my living children is named Sawyer and I know this could be tough for you to read.

  6. Love the rocket and the unicorn!! too cute. xo xo

  7. I love the pictures! You are an adorable Cat in the Hat! Wishing you abundant energy today.

  8. Love the pictures and this post….you look great as the cat in the hat!!!! Tiredness comes with the life of a parent and for everything you have also been through….wishing you all the very best and avoiding meltdowns with little ones is sometimes the best way to save your own sanity!!!

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