Humpty Dumpty & Hope

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In 2009 on the week before Halloween I went into labor with Sawyer.  Evan and I went to the ER.  It turned out to be preterm labor. I was given terbutaline and sent home.  I took terbutaline for the 3 weeks before I was scheduled for my c-section.  Terbutaline made me feel like I had 47 cups of coffee and I wanted to jump out of my skin.  It is no longer given to women for preterm labor.  My mind wants to make some sort of connection between Sawyer’s death and me taking the terbutaline but I am determined to (try to) keep my no guilt promise.

When I went into preterm labor I was around 34 weeks pregnant.  In my mind that was great.  Jake had been born at 26 weeks and he had died.  After Jake’s diagnosis and death I became a new person.  Growing up I always believed in happily ever after.  Everything would be ok.  In 2005 my innocence was shattered.  However, I somehow lived through that awful year. 

The new me rationalized that if I could just make it into the 30 week range in any future pregnancies Jake’s siblings would be fine.   (The new me also was silly enough to believe that becoming pregnant would not be an issue – the infertility rollercoaster instantly cured me of that delusion). 

The twins were born at 35 weeks.  Sawyer was born at 37 1/2 weeks.  Sawyer was 8 lbs at birth.  Jake was 2 lbs.  My new self thought that once Sawyer was home we were in the clear.  Six short weeks after Sawyer came home my “new” world was once again devastated.  I am still piecing myself back together.  I might be working on this for the rest of my life.  Maybe I will be like Humpty Dumpty and “all the king’s horses and all the king’s men” won’t be able to put me back together again.

However, I have my own little people with horses and they are excellent with glue.

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