Kindness Campaign

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At the age of three, Mattie Stepanek started to write poetry to cope with the death of his older brother.  Mattie and his brother suffered from a rare form of muscular dystrophy, dysautonomic mitochondrial myopathy.  A few of his books are Heartsongs and Hope Through Heartsongs.  Mattie died a month before his 14th birthday.  His sister and two brothers also died from the disease during early childhood. His mother has the adult form, diagnosed only after all four of her children were born.

Mattie’s mother, Jeni, continues to spread Mattie’s message of peace and hope.  Her strength and courage is remarkable.  In honor of Mattie’s birthday (July 17th) and death day (June 22nd), Jeni has held Peace and Kindness Campaigns.  Above is a slideshow of flyers used for the Kindness Campaign this summer.

Speaking of kindness, a gigantic thank you to Sara, my cousin.  She wrote to Method after reading my last post.  Method’s customer service could not find any useable soap but they wrote back a really nice response.  Thank you again Sara!

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