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On President’s Day I took the twins to a go-kart, bowling, ninja warrior play place.  Everyone had a fantastic time until one of the twins decided that he was a much bigger ninja warrior than he actually is.  He hurt his ankle and I took him and his sister home.

The next day he was still limping and still on winter break.  I decided I should take him to the doctor while he was home and preempt the call I might get from school about his limp.  After seeing the doctor she decided we should go get an x-ray.

At this point in the day it was close to rush hour in Atlanta.  The closest place to have the x-ray is the children’s hospital across the street from our pediatrician’s office.  I drive past the hospital where Sawyer died all the time.  I know that revisiting certain places (like the place where Sawyer was pronounced dead) should be avoided.   I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder after Jake died and then again after Sawyer died.

I decided PTSD or no PTSD we were going for the x-ray.  And so we did.  One twin went into the x-ray room by himself while I stood with his sister in the hall.  I tried with every ounce of my being to shut out the thoughts of standing in this hospital hall staring at the closed door to the room where Sawyer was taken.

A few minutes later the door opened.  I held onto a hand of each of the twins and left the hospital.

ninja Fletcher

Little boy with just a sprained ankle and a mom who would like to wrap him and his sister in bubble wrap.


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  1. you seem to have missed an important tag in today’s blog entry – “strong mommy”. xo

  2. Very proud of you dahlin’, you are an amazing, strong woman…and a fabulous mom!

  3. So glad he’s on the mend. Sprained ankles heal much faster than sprained hearts… Keep being an incredible and strong mama!

  4. Glad, it was a sprain that will heal. Addressing the matter of his limp before he’d go back to school shows you as a pro-active and clever Mom. I hope you will not wrap him – or his sister, as adorable as they both are – in bubble wrap but you know that yourself. Take care, Lanie. Love, Cornelia

  5. I agree with others… you are seriously a strong mama! I admire you (and always have). You are one of the kindest and most thoughtful women I know. I am grateful for you!

  6. We’re certainly happy to hear that it was a Ninja strain and not a Ninja break in the end! And we are impressed that you yet again, found the strength to manage in a location that holds hard memories.

  7. Glad you are both ok!:) Go Super Mom!❤️ xoxox Julie

  8. Thought you might identify with this:❤️

    Dear Bereaved Parent: With Every Morsel Of Unspeakable Pain, There Is Love

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