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Happy birthday sweet Sawyer!

I have no words today for how much you are loved and missed.   So i am borrowing the ones from your headstone:

There are stars so far away we only see their light long after they are gone.  Their memories keep shining ever brightly though their time with us is done. 

I will look for you in my dreams.  Love you always and forever.


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  1. Happy birthday Sawyer!!!

  2. was thinking of sawyer all day. love to you and evan

  3. Happy Birthday Sweet Boy❤️

  4. Thinking of you and Evan, Fletcher, Alyssa, and Jake on Sawyer’s Birthday. Sending lots and lots of love.

  5. Thinking about you and all your sweet babies, and sending love

  6. I am so grateful that you had those pictures made! He looks adorable. thinking of all of you! xx

  7. Sending you floaty kisses from all at Daddys with Angels. xx

  8. Belated happy birthday to Sawyer. I don’t visit nearly enough but I think of you and your family often Lanie. xo

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