Birthday Benches

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Jake never left the hospital.  His short life was spent entirely in the NICU.  The only other places Evan and I went with him were the consult room and a small outdoor balcony off of the NICU.

The three of us

While helping with the special project of updating the consult room I heard that the balcony might need some new benches.  It seemed to make sense to me that for Jake’s 10th birthday we should get the benches for the balcony.  So that is what we did.  We miss you Jake.

quote - roses - Lincoln


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  1. Love this. benches are perfect. And this picture is beautiful despite it all.

  2. Lovely and thoughtful contribution. Let’s see the benches.

  3. What a great idea. The quote is perfect.

  4. Love your quote from Lincoln, I never heard it before.

  5. So sweet.

  6. What a lovely way to honor Jake. Thinking of you

  7. Such a great way to honor Jake’s memory, and to provide comfort to others that so need it. Love you.

  8. How perfect. And how awful. With you in this super hard time. xxoo

  9. Hi – I found this blog by accident, testing something for my blog – But I need to tell you that you posted this 2 years to the day after my baby boy, Luke was born. He died 33 hours later of a massive brain bleed, 8/21/13, after a VERY health pregnancy; I inexplicably went into labor at 24 weeks. I actually just spoke at a Comfort Care Seminar at Columbia-New York Presbyterian about him. I discussed my daughter, Stella, too, who we were encouraged to terminate because of all the predicted issues she had. And she will be 3 on 11/12. She was born 4 days and one minute before the post I landed on that made me want to keep reading your posts. And I feel that the Universe is trying to tell us that we might have some insight to offer each other? I would love to hear from you. But if you’re not inclined to email me, that’s ok. Just know that I read through some of your posts, and I know a lot of what you felt/are feeling. I admire the courage it takes to share, but I also know the urgency in the need to relay the message, for yourself and for others. Many Blessings!!

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