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December 18, 2012 at 11:44 pm | Posted in Grief, life lessons, Love, mourning | 6 Comments
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Gandhi peace buttonEvery morning since Friday I have woken up hoping that the senseless deaths in Newtown were a horrific nightmare.  After Jake’s and Sawyer’s deaths I had similar experiences.  The moments before I was fully awake everything seemed alright in the world.  And then an instant later it shattered.  Reality.  And, the world seems as if it is forever broken.

There are so many families left behind.  New members of the club.  Filled with endless questions.   Why?  How?  Guns?  G-d?  There are no answers that will bring them back.  The 20 children will never grow up.  The families will be missing pieces for eternity.

I so wish I had the right words but since I do not, I will again borrow wisdom from Gandhi.



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  1. Great quotes

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  2. I thought of you in the aftermath, of other moms joining your club. Your writing here has the potential to help them through, and it’s another way Jake and Sawyer can bring good into the world.

  3. Beautiful thoughts on an unspeakable horror

  4. Cheryl says it so eloquently. I completely agree. From your love of Jake and Sawyer, your words, your wisdom will help others. It already has.

  5. Ditto on the great comments by Amy, Daphne, Cheryl. And may this horrible tragedy be the thing that finally makes some change in important issues that need to be addressed in our society.

  6. […] Sunday, December 14th, is the 2nd year anniversary of the unthinkable day at Sandy Hook elementary school. Twenty children and 6 educators were shot and […]

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