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No words today – just pictures from the past year.

Muddy Snow Angel

Snow Angel in Action

Rug Angel

Bath Angels

Grass Angel

Another Grass Angel

Rock Garden Angel

Rock Garden Angel #2

Leaf Angel

Airport Floor Angel (yuck!)

Stuffed Animal Angel

Stuffed Animal Angel #2

Missing Angel

Okay – the last picture is not from 2011.  We wish we had pictures from this past year of Jake and Sawyer.


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  1. Angels all.

  2. Definitely all angels.

  3. What beautiful pictures. I wish that final pic was just from yesterday.

  4. I love all your angels! What a fun way to share the events of your year!

  5. Dear Lanie and all your Angels, including Evan – May you all enjoy a happy and healthy new year with much joy and much healing. Alyssa and Fletcher make a lovely pair of whatever kind of angles they choose to be and Sawyer will be your Angel forever.
    With love, Cornelia

  6. Such great photos, I wish you had so many more to share of Jake and Sawyer. I’m so glad we’ve connected this year Lanie.

  7. The wonderful thing about Angels is that they are with you always . . .

  8. All of your angels are beautiful!

  9. I just took an angel photo like these the other day…it was a leaf angel. Came for the linkup but stayed and read through a few posts. The one about being asked how many children you have really touched my heart.

  10. Love all the angel pictures. So very sweet. I’m also so sorry for your losses.

  11. Oh my, this is clever and heart tugging.

    {I’m so very sorry.}

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