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April 20, 2011 at 11:46 pm | Posted in Death, Grief, silver lining | 7 Comments
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I wrote on the About  page that I began this blog to hopefully assist others on their journeys and to continue the purpose of Jake and Sawyer’s lives.  Now that I have been writing for some time my purpose has become a little more clear.

Not many people met Sawyer and even fewer met Jake.  I feel like in writing about our two baby boys  more people are able to “meet” them.  I never want them to be forgotten.  I do not have to speak about them all the time.  I do not feel like I am keeping a wound open by writing about them.  Rather, I want to share their stories.  I want the twins to know their brothers.  I do not want to forget the details.

I am still not so clear on some of the other purposes I have for writing.  Maybe one day I will start a non-profit.  I have great admiration for bereaved parents who are very active in the March of Dimes and for these parents:

Friends of Maddie
Hailey’s Hope Foundation
Simon’s Fund
Cora’s Hopes and Dreams

Maybe one of the twins will grow up to be a real doctor.  Maybe one will find a cure for the cause of Jake and/or Sawyer’s death. 

Or maybe someone will read this blog and find something that will make their life some how easier.   If nothing else I am going to keep writing to help myself.  Sawyer and Jake are dead.  I am alive and I must keep on living.

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life.  It goes on.  ~Robert Frost


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  1. Lanie, I am so glad you write. I am glad I can read about Sawyer and Jake, I am glad I can read about your thoughts and feelings. It makes me feel not so far away from you. Whatever your purpose, I am certain your journey is one that has touched so many others. I am grateful for you.

  2. lanie – i, too, am so glad to know what i know must be so hard to say yet so needs to be said. all of your children are so very lucky to have you as their mom. love and hugs, me

  3. Lanie,
    Journaling is healing. I am happy to have met Jake and Sawyer, you and your family through your words. Keep writing Lanie; it is all a part of the process of this thing we call grief.


  4. Wow Lanie, that was very powerful. I’m not sure you even need a reason, and yet you are helping so many and you are doing such an honor to your sweet boys.

  5. I’m so glad you are writing. xo xo

  6. By the way–you are a good writer! So keep it up as long as you feel so inspired.

  7. It is an honour to meet all four of your beautiful children today.

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