baby steps

January 28, 2015 at 7:36 pm | Posted in Grief | 13 Comments
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quote - ernest hemingway

The other day I was alone with a baby. I have not been alone with a baby since my days with Sawyer.

Our neighbor’s baby boy had heart surgery the first week of January.  He is home now and doing great.  I offered to help.  The mom asked if i could stay with the baby while she picked up her other sons from preschool.  As she placed the baby in my arms I silently told myself “I can do this.”  I held him the entire time his mom was gone and I watched his every breath.  He might have almost smiled at me.  My neighbor came home, I placed him back in her arms and agreed to come watch him another day. I did it!


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  1. I love this post. I’m sure that mom is grateful for your helping hand. I’m so glad you did it!

  2. So wonderful!! Xo

  3. What a lucky baby for having some quality time with you. Xoxo

  4. A baby step, but a very important one. Good for you!

  5. I would say the baby boy was one luck y dude!!!

  6. Lucky him, lucky you.

  7. Oh goodness… This is beautiful! You are amazing!

  8. Of course you can do it!

  9. Dear Lanie – This is truly a triumph and I hope you will experience other such great moments. I sense how hesitant you must have been and I am grateful that you did it. Do it again often; it’ll be appreciated by your neighbor and give you satisfaction. With love, Cornelia

  10. xo

  11. You, too, are a rockstar! 😉

  12. Lucky little guy to have your helpful arms

  13. So proud of you. You are amazing.

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