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Last month we went to the playground where trees are planted for Jake and Sawyer.  I do not think Sawyer’s tree is doing so well at the moment. . .


The plan is that we will try to straighten it out and hope that it grows better.  It is best to plant trees in the colder weather so we will reevaluate in the fall.  It makes me feel better just to have a plan.

Many people had trees planted in Israel for Jake and Sawyer when they died.  Planting trees in Israel is a tradition which celebrates the life of loved ones.  Evan and I often joke that there is a Jake and Sawyer forest at this point.  I have never been to Israel and if I do go I would like to see the Jake and Sawyer forest :-).

I did write thank you notes to all the people who had trees planted for Jake.  However, I never did write thank you notes for the trees, donations and acts of kindness that were done in memory of Sawyer.  I do want to thank all of those who had trees planted for Sawyer and one day I hope to write those notes.  Until then, please know how very thankful I am.

I want to wish a happy and healthy Passover to all those who celebrate!



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  1. I don’t think anyone who planted a tree in Sawyer’s memory needs a note. They just wanted to do something – anything for your loss. xo

  2. I love the idea of a forest for Jake and Sawyer!

  3. Lanie, we just drove by a JNF forest. It’s right near our hotel in the Negev. It could be the one where their trees are. I’m thinking of you and Jake and Sawyer.

  4. I think trees are truly one of the best ways to remember people as they are truly one with the earth and do so much to benefit the living…

  5. […] were both so excited to tell me that they went to the park and checked on Jake and Sawyer’s trees.  I have not visited the trees to check on them in such a long time.  It made me so happy that […]

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