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May 12, 2012 at 10:14 am | Posted in Anniversaries, Grief, Love, silver lining | 10 Comments
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Some time after Jake died one of my favorite friends and college roommate suggested that I read the blog The Sphors Are Multiplying.  Years later and some time after Sawyer died another of my favorite friends suggested that I read another blog, Rockstar Ronan.  At that time I could barely deal with our own sad story let alone read about the deaths of Maddie Sphor and Rockstar Ronan.  I am not sure when but some time along the way I realized that I needed to see/read how other parents survive the deaths of their children.  It helps me to read how they are continuing their lives while always remembering and honoring their children.  I wish no parent had to live in a world without their child/children.  This is not the reality and unfortunately the Club continues to add members.

Today would have been Ronan’s 5th birthday.   I hate that he is not here to celebrate.


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  1. thank you for telling us about rock star ronan!

    • Thank you for always sharing with me. xo

  2. Happy Birthday Ronan!

    • I like to think Ronan had some sort of cosmic birthday party – maybe Jake and Sawyer were there. . .xo

  3. The single most powerful thing I have ever read is the blog from Maya re the day that Ronan died. It is a pity that little force is not here anymore. Happy birthday Ronan.

    • I have not gone back to read those posts. Maybe one of these days I will be strong enough to do it. Thank you again for telling me about Ronan. xo

  4. What a beautiful way to celebrate the life of a beautiful little boy. Thanks for sharing

    • I agree – Ronan’s mom came up with wonderful ways to honor and celebrate Ronan’s birthday. xo

  5. Lovely of you to share.

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