Happily Ever After and Hope

June 2, 2011 at 11:11 pm | Posted in Death, Grief, silver lining, twins | 5 Comments
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Thank you so much for all the extremely kind and wise comments on my last post.  I did not mean to sound more out of sorts than usual.  Nothing significant has changed.  Jake has still been dead for 5 years and 9 months.  Sawyer has still been dead for 18 months.  I have many good things in my life – for which I am very grateful and happy.  I just always believed my life would have a “happily ever after” ending which did not include burying 2 children.

Now I need to adjust my expectations.  I have done this before and I am sure that I will again.  For now I am going to try to be like Jimmy Buffett and “. . . live happily ever after, every now and then.”

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  1. Lanie, I think you are entitled to feel whatever you need to feel whenever you need to feel it. You have so many blessings, but you have also endured so much. I think you are very wise my dear and I think you have been doing some amazing and very tough “grief work” through this blog and through everything you do in memory of Jake and Sawyer.
    All my best….Amy

  2. Oh, I’m so sad for you. I hope some day you can gain some peace and put your grief in its proper place. It must be so hard.

  3. Love seeing the pictures. Fletcher and Alyssa are so much fun and growing so fast. Keep sharing your thoughts and feelings because they help all of us. Proud of you,


  4. Ditto what amy said. xo xo

  5. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures of the twins! And I think that Jimmy Buffet was certainly on to something there….

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