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Happy birthday Jake! I am so very thankful that you were born. Your dad and I miss you every day, but some days are just a bit harder.

What kind of teenager would you be? Would you be testing my and your dad’s patience? What would you look like? Would you have had a bar mitzvah?

There are so many questions that will never be answered. However, I do know that your dad and I love you. We miss you today and always.

Happy birthday sweet baby boy. I will look for you in my dreams.


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  1. Happy Birthday Jake. 13 years, where do all those years go? I thought of you today Lanie, listening to a book on tape, well it is 2018, so it was on my iPhone. “Us Against You” by Frerik Backman. This was part of what I heard today..

    “You and your wife lost your first child, didn’t you?”
    Peter takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. “Yes. Esok.”
    “Do you ever get over it?”
    “So how the hell do you go on living?” he asks.
    “You fight harder” Peter whispers.

    I thought of you Lanie and of Evan, because everyday each of you fights harder. I am so very proud of you both. Sending you and Evan love.

  2. Thinking about you, Lanie, and sending you love and strength to keep on despite what life throws at you.

  3. Dear Ponz Family – My wishes go out to all of you for your losses and your challenges. May everything go well for you. With love, Cornelia

  4. Thinking about you during this month and saying a few prayers for you and your family. I wish we lived closer so we could chat.

  5. I meant to say that this is Kristen…. I do not know why it says Todd. 🙂

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