Cora’s Story & Compromise

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Cora’s Story:

Cora was a full term healthy baby girl born on November 30.   The pregnancy, birth and delivery were all uneventful.  Cora’s Apgars were both 9s.  She died on December 6 while breastfeeding in her mother’s arms.  After her death, Cora was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect (CHD).

Her mother, Kristine, created a non-profit which is spreading CHD research, resources and information in memory of Cora.  CHD is actually the most common birth defect – it occurs in 1 out of 100 births.  There is no cure but early detection is sometimes possible with a pulse ox screening.  Screenings are a low-cost, noninvasive way to potentially detect CHD.

Cora’s mom is also advocating for every baby to receive a heart screening at birth.  Cora might not physically be with us now but as her mom writes so eloquently, “Cora is saving lives now.”

Cora and Sawyer were born in the same month of the same year.  They both died that year too.  Sawyer’s preliminary reports also indicated an issue with his heart.  We still do not know exactly what happened to Sawyer but I know that I wish he had received a heart screening at birth.  Thank you Kristine for sharing Cora with the world.  She is truly saving lives.


She really wanted to go swim in the pool.  He really wanted to play pretend at home.  After a lot of pleading, crying and whining they finally reached a happy compromise.

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  1. Dear Lanie and Family – What fun to learn about and see pictures of Fletcher and Alyssa. Their path of squabbling to arrive at compromise sounds familiar, but they got to a shared place and that’s so wonderful. You must have your hands full and, I trust, you take pleasure from their well-being. With much love to all four of you. Cornelia

  2. Looks like a great compromise! And, thanks for spreading the word about CHD–important cause!

  3. Compromise is always a good thing. And learning it early in life will bring them huge rewards later in life! 🙂

  4. So thankful for all that you and Kristine do.
    What a cute suit on your daughter, mine would love it!

  5. My niece and nephew LOVE their water table at home. We decided to pick one up for when they visit our place. We really enjoy spending time with them; it’s not a complete substitute for a child of our own, but it does bring us tremendous joy.

  6. Thanks for sharing Cora’s Story. Very touching. Also I am very impressed with the compromise reached by the children. Very well done.

  7. Thanks for finally talking about >Coras Story & Compromise | A Mourning Mom <Loved it!

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