Fun Friday

October 18, 2013 at 12:08 am | Posted in life after loss, Love | 8 Comments
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I have always wondered what it would be like to write something light-hearted.  The twins have Fun Friday at school so I was thinking I should give it a try too.  Here are two things that made me smile this week.

1.  The Facebook page Amazing Things in the World posted this picture a few days ago:

sleeping koala and baby

Did you know that koalas sleep cuddled with their young to protect them at all times?  I think it sounds like a perfect idea which would resolve many of my paranoid parenting tendencies.  The twins would so not think it was perfect and they would most likely make a similar expression as the one on the baby koala’s face.  Snuggling in a stationary position would not work for them because they prefer to toss and turn while asleep. Perhaps in my next life I can be a koala.

2.  Have you seen the video “What does the Fox Say?”  It is super funny.  The brothers Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker, members of a Norwegian comedy group produced the song and music video “The Fox.”  They created it to promote the upcoming season of their television talk show, Tonight with Ylvis.  Disclaimer:  If you watch this video, the song could get stuck in your head for days.

Just wanted to share the smiles with you all.  Hope that you have a good weekend.


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  1. Cute!! Xo happy friday

  2. Good for you! Glad your experiment is working out. Make every Friday a Fun Friday!

  3. Happy Friday. That fox song has been in our heads for the past 2 weeks…it never goes away!! Can’t wait to climb into a tree and snuggle my girls tonight. They’re going to love it! Thanks for the smiles, Lanie!

  4. Let’s all make every day a Friday Fun Day!

  5. Yay for Fun Friday! LOVE that koala picture. I’m a koala in my heart too. And as for the fox song… My kids adore it, so we put it on and all dance around like crazy people. Good times! (There’s a cute related video of Ellen interviewing the two brothers and then doing the first verse with them live…)

  6. Love Fun Friday! That said, I’m thinking that you might end up changing your mind a bit if you had to sleep with the kids like that as they seem to have the uncanny ability to spread out and take up the entire bed! 😉

  7. I like Fun Friday! cute koala

  8. […] are a few of the things that made me smile this […]

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