Road to raising a downs baby

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After the doctor (I will call him Dr. K1) told us over the phone the results of the cvs he said we could call anytime with questions.  So, we called a day later with questions.  Dr. K1’s nurse told us he was on vacation for 2 weeks.   After waiting 2 weeks for the results of the cvs it did not seem possible that we could wait another agonizing 2 weeks for more answers.  Maybe the desperation in my voice or the uncontrollable crying prompted the nurse to put us in touch with Dr. K2.

Dr. K2 met with us on our 2nd wedding anniversary to go over the results of the cvs.  He showed us the map of our baby’s DNA.  He showed us all chromosomes including the last one which was XY.  Somehow in the recesses of my brain I remembered 8th grade biology well enough to now know the sex of our baby.  Everything became much more real.

We continued throughout the summer going to the regular OB appointments and the perinatologist.  Our baby (ok, if you don’t remember your 8th grade biology and you did not look it up – XY is a boy) was doing great even for a down’s baby.  He had a nasal bone, he had all his pinky joints and no heart defects.  We were very optimistic that our baby boy would be a high functioning down’s child.

During July the perinatologist saw fluid in our baby’s brain.  By the next appointment it was gone.  In the middle of July he saw fluid in his abdomen.  We were scheduled to go to Maine for a family trip so, I asked if we were still ok to go.  The perinatologist said sure – there is above normal fluid but we will just monitor it.  

On August 11, I went to the bathroom at work and saw blood.  I panicked and went straight to my OB.  She looked at me, checked my cervix and the baby’s heart rate.  I was fine, cervix was still closed and the baby’s heart was great.  So, I went home.  I even babysat my best 3 year old friend Hailey while her twin brothers were being born.   All seemed well.

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