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February 26, 2016 at 5:48 pm | Posted in Grief, life after loss, Love, Sawyer | 5 Comments
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Sawyer’s pathologist emailed in 2011 that “none of the genetic-DNA mutations that are known to be associated with/responsible for abnormal heart rhythms has been identified in Sawyer.”  No one knows what caused Sawyer’s death.  I try not to think about this fact often but about once a year Evan or I email Sawyer’s pathologist to touch base.  The response is always kind but does not have any new information.  However, this year the doctor wrote back that in 2010 they had “sequenced a limited number of genes and nothing was found.  We could go back and do whole exome sequencing” again (with 2016 medical advances). 

This email gives me a bit hope for so many reasons.  One, the doctors have not forgotten about Sawyer.  Two, there is the slightest chance that one day we might know what caused Sawyer’s death.  This will not bring him back but maybe it will prevent another family from losing their child. 


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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Medical advances are amazing. Perhaps there will be an answer one day that could help others.

  2. I hope so much that one day you do find the answers you are looking for. I love that you don’t give up. You are a strong woman Lanie. Lots of love to you.

  3. Lanie, I like your thought of having others benefit from what you hope to learn about Sawyer’s death. May it prove to be helpful to those and may it give you a sense of closure. My best to the four of you and much love all around. Cornelia

  4. I do hope that they find an answer some day, and that it grants even a little bit of peace. Love to you, Lanie.

  5. […] signs are on telephone poles but that is okay with me.   I will take hope however I can find […]

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