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Somewhere along the path of life I started to pay attention to numbers and dates.  I believe that part of my interest is because I am searching for answers to unresolved questions.  I want there to be explanations where there are none.  Why did Jake and Sawyer die?  There are no answers or explanations that I can understand.

Jake was born 14 weeks early.  He was born on the 14th.  He weighed 2 lbs, 14 oz.  He was 14 inches long.  Jake died at 6:14 am.  The number 14 seemed to be such a predominant theme in his short life I was sure that it held some answers.  Some one once told me that it is not the number 14 but the sum of 1 and 4, or 5.  So far I have not figured out anything based on the number 14 or 5.

The twins’ original due date was the day that Jake died.  Of course, they did not make it to that due date but instead they were born on the 28th.  It seemed like the right day because 2 x 14 = 28.  I know these are all most likely just happenstance.

My most recent numerical coincidence is from my last post, 99!!.   I wrote to just wish my grandfather a happy 99th birthday.  Oddly, it was my 99th post.  So this is my 100th post!


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  1. The why of things can drive us insane. I try not to think of why anymore. The science of numerology has always intrigued me as there seem to be repeating numbers in my life also. hmmm.
    I do think it is wonderful that your 99th. post was on your grandfather’s 99th. birthday.

  2. I think we can always find coincidences in numbers if we keep looking. Please don’t make yourself nutsy trying to figure them out or what they mean!

  3. Happy 100th post! A lot of people enjoyed every one of them… = )

  4. Happy 100th!

  5. Wonderful that you’ve reached your 100th Post! There is certainly signifigance there–and we’re all happy to keep on reading!

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