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October 15, 2010 at 3:18 pm | Posted in silver lining, traditions | 10 Comments

Before I write today’s post I want to amend part of this post with two items. 

1.  The comments from my cousin David and The Good Cook are true.   The ending to our story is not tragic.   There is faith and hope.   There are possibilities for today and for the future.  Forgive me, some days I just have trouble remembering these things.

2.  After the balloon launch the twins asked to go see Sawyer and Jake at the cemetery.  They wanted to make sure that their brothers got the balloons. . .

Now back to today’s post –  At 7 pm tonight we will light candles.   As part of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Month parents will light candles in honor of their babies.   The candles we will light tonight are hand-made.  Tara and Megan, the co-founders of the Walk to Remember in which we participate, make the candles.   Very impressive and thank you again for all you both do.

Today I will try extra hard to remember faith and hope. 

“When you come to the edge of all the light you know and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things will happen:  There will be something solid to stand on or you will be taught to fly.”   – Author Unknown (borrowed from the Walk to Remember program)

Maybe the light from all the candles will make the darkness of the unknown a little brighter. 

And, as I do every day I will remember all of those no longer physically with us.  




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  1. I will light some candles tonight too.

  2. Our hearts are with you and those beautiful boys.

  3. What a beautiful program. I will be thinking of all of you tonight.

  4. Lanie, you are so amazing to me. I am so inspired by your strength whenever I read your posts. I will be lighting a candle in honor of your beautiful sons this evening and thinking of your entire family.

  5. Candles burning here, too, for Sawyer and Jake. Beautiful babies…

  6. I lost my son Danny on July 1, 2008 to an overdose. He was 22. In dedication to him I formed The Prayer Registry for parents who have lost children.

    Please see my website and read about The Prayer Registry. This free website service is dedicated to all of the families who have lost children, whatever age that child was when they passed. This site registers the anniversary day of our children’s crossing. The members of this online community,the Prayer Team, have the opportunity to honor their child’s legacy, connect with other bereaved parents, and participate in world-wide group prayer for every registered loved one on the anniversary day of their passing.

    There is no charge for this service; it is my sincere hope that every bereaved parent who registers a child will join the Prayer Team and be a source of prayer for all of the children on the other side. Each time another child is
    registered, the Prayer Team grows larger and stronger.

    Please email Sheri at to register your loved one on The Prayer Registry. I need only your child’s full name along with the date that he or she passed to insure that your child receives prayer every year going forward on the anniversary day of his or her passing. Your child’s name will be published on The Prayer Registry calendar and I will upload comments, biographies, or any other information you want to share about your child with our community of bereaved parents. Once registered, you will be a member of the Prayer Team and will receive Prayer Registry reminders one week and one day before the anniversary day of one of our kids.

    Please feel free to email any questions, concerns or feelings that you would like to share. My door is always open. I hope that this site provides some small measure of balm for the wounds of loss. From one bereaved parent to another, I welcome you to my site and offer my support.

    This is one club that none of us would join by choice, but since we find ourselves in this unthinkable place, we stand stronger when we stand side by side.

  7. You, my beautiful friend are amazing. Thank you for honoring me. I am humbled in your presence. I pray and honor your sons, your twins and you and your husband in every day of my life.



  8. Thank you Lanie for including us in your blog. I do want to let everyone know Megan makes those candles al by herself. I just plan the actual event. Our love goes out to everyone with loss. We hope to reach out to all of Georgia some day and give anyone who needs someone to talk to.

    On a personal note, I lost my Grandpa on Saturday and upon seeing this blog, I realized what quote I want to use at his service. Thank you for reminding me of our own favorite quote.


  9. lanie and evan – we want you to know that dad and i are aware of the specialness of this month and we talked about sawyer and jake today. we want you to know that we are always with you and them. love, leslie

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