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Jake was immediately brought to the NICU and I went to the recovery room.   After the recovery room I was put on a floor with the high risk pregnancies.  A good friend’s mother is a nurse at the hospital.  She wisely decided that I should not be on the same floor as happy parents with their healthy newborns.

After what seemed like an eternity (but actually was only several hours), I was allowed to go visit Jake.   My husband wheeled me into the NICU.   I could not see him in his isolate from my wheelchair.   I stood up so that I could look at our son for the first time.  As I mentioned in this post, I had seen Jake wrapped up like a baby burrito for 1 second as he was whisked out of the delivery room. All I saw at that time was his face but now I could see his whole body. He was so tiny and so wonderful.   There he was all hooked up to multiple machines – but he was alive.  

I stood as long as I could by his isolate.   My epidural had leaked and I did not seem to notice the blood dripping down my legs.   A nurse told us that we could not visit for long.   I thought she must be mistaken.  He was our baby we were going to stay with Jake forever.   She came back to explain that too much stimulation would not be good for him.  

After singing and reading to Jake my husband wheeled me back to my room.   I knew that Jake was not in good shape and that I did not feel so well either.   We both just needed to get through the night.

And, we did!   Jake was still alive on August 15th.   I tried to follow doctors orders and not visit too much.   My husband was able to visit more often which was a huge comfort to me.  

Every day I was able to visit Jake once maybe even twice.  Visits with Jake were never long because we did not want to over stimulate him.  We sang and read to him.   My husband and I each got to change his diaper one time.   Jake was never alone.  NICU nurses and/or doctors were always with him.  The NICU nurses are amazing people.  I am still thankful for their wisdom, caring, patience and kindness.

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  1. I’m glad for the precious time you did get with Jake.

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